October 9, 2018

McAfee Retail Card – www.mcafee.com/retailcard | Mcafee Activate

McAfee antivirus is one of the prime cyber security software that has been into protecting users’ data and device. Ever since it came into existence, it has made satisfied consumers on a global level. The software stays a step ahead of the technology to bring its uses world class security attributes.

With a purchased subscription, you leverage top-notch intelligent features to block the ways by which a threat can breach into your private data. Although, the organization offers free McAfee product for a specific period, users need to get a subscription once they exceed the period. To get the subscription, you can get either a retail card or online enrollment. To redeem the code, go through the following procedures.

Redeem McAfee activation code


Redeem McAfee Retail Card – When you purchase a McAfee retail card from retail store, it comes with a license keycode on it along with a link beneath. The link is where you need to pate the code and download the product.

Online – When you purchase an online subscription from the official McAfee page, you receive an activation code at your registered email address you used to register you account while purchase. Also, when you renew the subscription, you get the code on the same address.

To proceed with the activation of the software, you need to visit Mcafee Activate and follow the on-screen prompts. If you want to install the antivirus software on your computer, there are certain standards mandatory to follow.

  • Make sure that there is no parallel software i.e. antivirus available on the device you want to install
  • If you have exceeded the free McAfee trial period, either uninstall software to install active on or activate the subscription
  • Check for the device’s compatibility and system specifications of the software
  • While activate, you need to have a strong network connectivity

After completing the criteria, you can carry on to complete the further processes.

How and where do you need to locate your McAfee license keycode?

  1. As you redeem the keycode from McAfee retail card, you need to visit mcafee.com/activate
  2. On the home screen, you need to enter the code and proceed to login
  3. If you do not have an existing account then create one and proceed
  4. You will be then proceeded to download the software

Install McAfee on your computer

  1. When you paste the code in the link and login to your McAfee my account, you are directed to download the software on your computer
  2. You will have the option of “Download you software”, click on the link to download
  3. After the software is downloaded, move to install it
  4. Launch the file and click to start install McAfee
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process

Restart the computer once the installation is completed. Launch the software on the screen and check for the subscription details. If the software subscription is expiring in a few days, make sure to renew it. This will help you continue the protection of the software.

How do you renew McAfee subscription?

  1. Log in to your McAfee MyAccount
  2. Go to My Account page and click Subscription
  3. To expand the option, click All expired and you will see the list of products you have purchased and that are now expired
  4. Choose a product you want to renew the subscription
  5. Complete the on-screen instructions

The product is now activated. You can scan the PC now and surf the internet without the risk of threats, cyber risks and others. In case of an error during McAfee installation or activation, it is recommended to go to the official sources for assured solution.