October 3, 2018

McAfee Account | www.mcafee.com/myaccount | McAfee MyAccount

Digital world these days have become vulnerable to the security risks and cyber crimes. This clearly indicates the computer users to adopt highly advanced security solutions for their Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. To cope with this present day scenario, McAfee delivers a wide range of anti-viruses. By visiting its official website and by creating your McAfee myaccount via mcafee.com/myaccount (optional), you can explore the anti-viruses and security software that have well-organized in different categories.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity brand has also categorized its anti-viruses based on the end-users requirement. To choose the right security software for your computer system, you can simply visit the website and then explore the navigations. Thereafter, go through the different subscription plans and specifically, the system requirements given with the subscription. Then you can proceed to the purchased, download, installation, and activation via mcafee.com/activate.

Why McAfee Account is required?

If you are planning to buy or already using any of the McAfee anti-viruses, creating a McAfee myaccount via mcafee.com/myaccount is always recommended due to the following reasons:

1. With McAfee MyAccount, you can easily organize and manage all your subscriptions
2. You can choose auto-renewal service and get rid of the worries of renewing the McAfee subscription manually
3. To add, modify or delete the payment details anytime
4. To check your subscription expiry date anytime
5. For redeeming your McAfee activation code that may be required for the reinstallation
6. For reinstalling your existing McAfee subscription on a new device
7. For adding or deleting a new device (valid if you have purchase a McAfee subscription for multiple devices)
8. To send the download link directly to any device
9. To update a new McAfee email address
10. To buy extra licenses

McAfee Myaccount – Steps to create

To create a new McAfee account, do the following:

1. Visit www.mcafee.com/activate 
2. Click My Account from the top-right corner
3. Now, click Sign In from the drop-down menu
4. You will see a sign in form
5. On the right of this form, you will see a Register Now button
6. Click the button and proceed further
7. On the next page, enter the required information in the right fields:

a. Name
b. Last name
c. Email Address

8. Set a secure password to avoid the unauthorized access of your account
9. To set the same, read the password guidelines provided
10. Go through the McAfee End User License Agreement
11. Click I Agree to continue
12. Now, proceed further by following the instructions displayed on the screen
13. Your account is successfully created!

McAfee Myaccount- Steps to log in

1. To log in, go to mcafee myaccount
2. Now, click My Account from the top-right corner
3. From the drop-down menu, select Sign In
4. Enter your registered email ID and the password
5. Click Sign In
6. You can now access all your McAfee Myaccount details

How to reset McAfee MyAccount Password?

At any time, if forget your account password then follow these instructions:

1. Simply click Forgot your password link available right below to the sign in form
2. Enter your registered email
3. Click Send email
4. You will receive a password reset link on your email
a. Please note that this link will expire in 72 hours. Therefore, reset your password within this time.
5. Access the email linked to your McAfee MyAccount
6. Search the password reset email from McAfee
7. Open that email and click the password reset link
8. Follow the onscreen guidelines and set up a secure password

For all other errors or get guidance on other processes associated with your McAfee MyAccount, visit www.mcafee.com/myaccount or call McAfee support team.

Find here the stepwise procedure to create or activate your mcafee account using strong password. If you already have an account and fail to recover/reset its password or facing any other issue, dial Mcafee support number