August 29, 2018

McAfee Activate – McAfee Total Protection |

Protect your digital world with McAfee

The continuous rise in cyber attacks is raising a question to the security of the digital world. In other words, cyber crooks are not missing out even a single opportunity to have the unauthorized access to the users’ devices and data. And, once they get the access, they either demand ransom or sell the same to the third-parties for earning money out of it. To deal with such attacks, McAfee offers the consumers and businesses with a wide selection of anti-viruses or security software.

You can buy a McAfee antivirus online from the official website of the McAfee or offline through an authorized retail store. Whichever mode you choose, you need to download, install, and activate your McAfee Activate subscription.

Key Requirements to go for McAfee Activate           

McAfee activation is a process that requires to be performed after you download and install your McAfee subscription from These are the key requirements for the same:

  • 25-digit McAfee license key code
  • McAfee retailcard, in case you have purchased the antivirus offline
  • An uninterrupted internet connection
  • Successful installation of McAfee activate

How to redeem McAfee license key code?

Redemption of McAfee product key depends on the mode of mcafee-activate purchase. In short, if you have purchased the subscription online then follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to the email ID you have provided during McAfee antivirus purchase
  2. Now, search for the order confirmation email
  3. You will find the product key here
  4. Keep the key secured!

However, if you have purchased the key offline, then the steps for McAfee product key redemption are different. Check out the same below:

  1. Unbox the McAfee package
  2. You will see the McAfee Retailcard in it
  3. Check the backside of the card and you will find the key here
  4. Copy the key for the further use

How to activate McAfee subscription?

Prior to McAfee activate, you need to follow the process to download and install the subscription.

Please note that downloading and installation steps for the different McAfee anti-viruses are more or less the same.

  1. After you purchase a McAfee subscription, go to
  2. Enter your McAfee product key or McAfee license keycode
  3. Now, hit the download button
  4. Wait until the process finishes!
  5. Now, find the downloaded file on your system or from the browser’s downloads history
  6. Double-click that file to begin installation
  7. Read the instructions displayed on the screen
  8. Follow them carefully
  9. Now, go through the license terms and conditions
  10. Hit the I agree button to continue
  11. Wait until the process in the installation wizard finishes!

Steps to activate McAfee subscription

  1. If you are receiving activation notification then click the notification and proceed to the steps displayed
  2. You will be asked to enter the McAfee license key code
  3. Hit Activate
  4. On the off chance, if you haven’t received any notification then open the McAfee program installed on your device
  5. Open the menu and choose the further option for McAfee activate
  6. Provide the McAfee product key, when prompted
  7. Hit the Activate button
  8. Your system or device is now protected!

Possible errors you may face while activating your McAfee subscription

  1. Invalid product key
  2. Activation process stops in the middle
  3. License authentication error or unlicensed error
  4. Expired product key

To fix the aforementioned errors or to receive guidance on anything related to, call the McAfee customer support team. An expert will provide you with the best possible solution in the shortest time possible.