How McAfee Personal Firewall Works?

McAfee Personal Firewall is the dedicated security software that creates a defensive layer between the Internet and PC. It gives you the complete freedom to have a control over the incoming and outgoing data. Available via, it keeps a strict vigil over the internet traffic so that no malware can enter your device to harm it.While providing this great degree of protection, the software makes sure that your PC’s performance remains unaffected.

    Here is how it works:

  1. Avoids the unwanted network traffic

The moment McAfee Personal Firewall gets successfully installed on your device it blocks intrusions as well as the unwanted network traffic. The specialized security software comes up with a feature named Smart Advice that gets automatically enabled to assist to deal with the security alerts and manage known and unknown applications. In the absence of this firewall, Home Page of your device displays the status of the Windows firewall.

  1. Event logging

With McAfee Activate firewall, you can easily turn on or turn off event logging. This helps you to decide which event types to keep a record of and which not. The core function of event logging is to check the latest incoming and outgoing events as well as the intrusion events.

  1. Keeps a record of Hacker Watch statistic

McAfee Personal Firewall includes a Hacker Watch to deliver up-to-date information regarding all the programs along with the global internet activities. Users can view the information via automatic event submissions, which further aids them to block the hackers, unwanted traffic, and intrusions.

  1. Monitors web traffic

McAfee Personal Firewall that can be installed using, regularly monitors your internet traffic to figure out which programs on your system utilize high bandwidth. This works great in case your internet service provider offers limited bandwidth.

  1. Manages PC connections

The specialized McAfee program helps in managing particular remote connections to your computer system.

For more information and to download McAfee antivirus and other products, visit the official website of this renowned cyber security brand.

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