A Comprehensive Guide to McAfee File Lock Data (Vault) Back Up

McAfee File Lock is a specialized vault where you can store your confidential files and lock them up to prevent the unauthorized access. These files get stored on a shared network or external media like CD/DVD or USB drive. To access these files, all you need to have is the right username along with the password. The specialized security program (that can be downloaded using McAfee activate) is really useful to prevent data loss. Check out the steps to find out your vault files and back them up to avoid loss of your important files.


Step 1 – Find out the files in your Windows PC to back them up

  •      Windows 10, 8.1 and 8
  1. Go to Windows Explorer (Where you see all the System drives)
    • To open the Explorer directly, press “Windows + E”
  2. Hit File and then “change folder and search options”
  3. Click the View tab and disable “Hide Protected Operating System Files”
  4. Click Yes, if you see a warning message
  5. Hit Ok

 Step 2- Find out all personal vault files

  1. Search for the personal vault files stored on your Windows PC
  2. These files will be available in a folder named as McAfee File Lock
  3. File Lock stores every vault file in the default location
  4. However, you can also choose other locations for your vaults manually by following these instructions:
    • Hit the Start button and enter the relevant path for your OS
    • Now, hit Enter
    • Search for the files with .vault extension
    • Repeat these steps to search vaults for all users of your Windows PC

Step 3 – Back Up Your Vault Files

Please note that you back up all files with .vault extension by manually copying them from vault to a new place. In other words, if the original file is corrupted, you have a chance to get it recovered. All files ending with .vault contains your confidential data. To decide which files you need to back up, settle on the following first:

  1. Level of protection you need for your .vault files
  2. New location of the files
  3. Storage space on the drive for accommodating the backed up files

Step 4- Re-hide protected files of your OS

Once the backing up of Vault files finishes, re-hide the files so that no unauthorized user can access them. For this, do the following:

  1. Follow the first and second step mentioned in Step 1
  2. Go to the View tab and choose Hide Protected Operating System Files
    • You will find this option under Advanced Settings
  3. Hit Ok

For further information on File Lock or processes associated with mcafee.com/activate, call McAfee customer service number.


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