How to Install HP Printer Driver on Windows 7, 8 and 10

HP printers and scanners have been easing works since past many decades extending services from professional to personal use. Playing a major role in the printing industry, HP printer gives high-quality results, clear, and no time scanning. Designed in various models aimed to give a different kind of outputs and widely used for business, commercial and personal, there are HP printers for all kind of category. Classifying the printers into categories of HP Laser printers, HP inkjet printers, HP Monochrome printers and much more, all are featured with nearly same functions but each executes different quality of outputs. If you are planning to buy an HP printer, then check for the feature list and print resolution before making the purchasing to hold a better experience with HP printers and scanners. In addition, the organization provides easy and accessible HP printer Customer support.

However, to access every single feature of this printing device, you need to have a printer driver installed in the device from which you will make commands to the printer. Some HP printers do not come with printer driver disk to install so your computer can connect to your PC. You can install printer driver online as well as by using a disk. Remember that the process of installing the printing software might vary on a slight basis depending upon the operating system and version you are using. Find steps to install and run HP printer driver. (You can resolve you issues related to HP printer and scanners by calling on HP printer Toll-free number)

NOTE: Before you choose to install printing software, it is suggested to have Full Feature driver so most of the HP printers can function with the same software regardless of their category. The full feature printer driver will give access to all sort of print commands depending on the type of printer. Also, make sure that your PC or device has enough space to install the driver.

How to download HP Printer driver (Online)?

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Official HP printer website, select drive and download option. (If you are unable to find Full Feature printer software on the Drive sections, download any as per your need).
  2. Type or select the name of your HP printer from the search area. Click on click Go button and the model number of your HP printer.
  3. When prompted to the next page, select the language from the provided list and select the operating system you are using.
  4. Select a location where you want to install and save printer software and click on Download to install the driver.
  5. The Full feature downloading might take several minutes. Do not interrupt the process and allow it time to for proper download. Make sure that the internet connection is storing and continues.

Download HP Printer driver using disk (CD/ DVD)?

If HP printer has provided you with the printer Driver, you simply need to perform few steps to install HP printer software

  1. Insert the disk into your computer or laptop.
  2. Wait for it to install and go to My Computer option.
  3. Double-click on the newly appeared drive.

Once your file is downloaded, you need to install the software so you can pair it up with your HP printer. Launch the installation instruction guide and perform steps. If you fail while performing any of the step, get into direct touch with HP Printer customer support.

How to install HP Printer driver in your PC?

  1. Disconnect the printer from your PC or laptop and do not connect it until the installation begins.
  2. Select a location where you want to save the file and double-click on the driver folder to extract files to start the installation.
  • A pop-up of Windows Security alert(s) will allow the alert to carry on with the installation process.
  1. You will be prompted to a new window, click on printer series name. If taken to a new page, choose USB or else skip the step.
  2. On the next page, at the top menu of the window, click on the Install the software option.
  3. Follow instructions displayed on your screen to proceed.

Do not close the printer software installation while it is undergoing. Once the installation is finished, connect your HP printer to your pc and give a print command to check whether you request is being responded or not. In case not, restart your computer and check again. If you already have the software but is not working, check whether the print driver is updated or not. Call on HP printer toll-free number if you encounter any HP printer error.

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