How to activate McAfee antivirus using a retailcard?

One of the most basic things that uses often do not pay attention to, is an activating their outdated or pre-installed McAfee antivirus. No matter, if you have been using a free McAfee antivirus trial or a subscribed, you will need to activate it at some point to get going with the security features. To get McAfee activate, users with McAfee retailcard face problem during activation.

mcafee activate

Therefore, to get McAfee activate on your computer, you first need to have a licensed software that you can either get by purchasing McAfee retail card or subscribing to a product from

Since you have already downloaded the software, you will only need a few more steps to activate the subscription. Now, to proceed with the activation process, redeem your McAfee retailcard activation code and follow the steps below.

Steps to activate McAfee antivirus using retailcard activation code (mcafee activate)

  1. Redeem the activation code from your McAfee retailcard
  2. Open page on your web browser and enter your activate code in its respective field and submit
  3. Login to your account (an existing account or register for a new account
  4. Select your country and language . Make sure you are entering correct information else you may encounter fatal error during or after activation
  5. If, required, install the activated version of the software after removing the older one
  6. Follow the prompts and complete the activation process of McAfee retailcard

You have now successfully activated McAfee antivirus on your computer. In case you are facing any error to complete the process, go to and find the fix from the support section or directly connect with the executives.

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