Finding difficulty in opening McAfee NSPM?

Network Security Platform is an advance security solution that can be deployed in small and medium-sized network in business. It can hold up to six McAfee NSP sensors, Network Threat Behavior Analysis, and McAfee Network Access Control appliances. It can also be downloaded from Sometimes, Network Security Platform Manager does not work due to certification error in the URL. To fix this, you can set the host name of the NSM or NSPM in your browser so that the certificate and URL can match., McAfee NSPM

Here are the steps how you can set the host name of the NSM:


1. Check if the NSM is accessible by host name:

  • Go to the “Manager”
  • Open the “Command Prompt”
  • Type the following command ping <hostname>

2. In case ping fails: try any of these solutions

  • Fill the Manager’s host name and IP address in internal DNS server
  • Note: It should be filled in the same format as it is listed in the certificate
  • In case you can’t fill IP address and host name in the internal DNS server then you can add the host name in the Windows host file. You need to perform this task whenever it connects the each client to the NSM

3. Install the certificate as a trusted Root Certification Authority to trust the publisher of the NSM certificate

  • Open the browser preferably IE
  • Now, go to the address bar and select the certificate and hit View Certificates
  • Hit install certificate
  • Go to the “Start” and type “Run” in the “Search Programs and files ” and “Enter”
  • Type “certmgr.msc”
  • In “Certificates –Users” choose Intermediate Certificate Authorities
  • In the certified hosts locate the Manager Host Name
  • Right-click the “Certificates” and choose “copy”
  • Choose “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”
  • Paste the “Certificate” in the right-pane
  • Accept prompt
  • Restart the browser
  • Go to the NSM (Network Security Manager) through browser using the host name
  • Now you can see the trusted certificate

If you still find any issue, you can call the McAfee customer support number. You will get the best support in no time.


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