How to control your Web Privacy with McAfee?

Privacy has become a mere name than a function in actual. Talking about the Web privacy, that got lost in the blue, in reality. Surfing online for purpose or to spend your leisure time, each of the things gets tracked through cookies, search engines which often change their privacy policies and the web privacy challenges by both private and public organizations.

The confidential information like email address, phone number, and social security number, are often gets shared on online either for the sake of making an account in social media or on any commercial site.

But less you know that this information is worth to earn a huge sum of money for the licit businesses and for the cyber crooks. On one hand, the companies want to sell their products and services and serve you with ads that are relevant to your choice and purposes. On the other hand, the cyber crooks only want to steal information of yours.


Here are 4 tips to control your web privacy with McAfee activate and stay safe online-

Delete your search history of your respective Web browser

Almost every web browsers keep a record of every website you typed on the address bar or visited. This web history needs to remove every now and then, not just for the sake of privacy but to boost up your system performance.

In Internet Explorer, to delete the search history, you need to click on the tools then on the internet options. In Firefox, to delete the search history, you need to go to the tools section, options, and then privacy.

Or you can install McAfee Web Protection, to secure your location, devices, and personal information from getting exploited on the hands of cyber criminals.

Protect all your devices

It is recommended to use inclusive and powerful security software for your devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Mac OS, and Windows Computer) like McAfee Total Protection to protect you and your devices from the existing as well as upcoming online threats. Not just, it alerts you regarding the risky websites and downloads where your privacy gets concern.

Be cautious! While using the public WI-FI or at work

Just be cautious, while you are in public and using public WI-FI. The public WI-FI is used by many, not just by you, so you don’t know who is getting access to your personal data or on the sites, you’re using.

You can use McAfee Safe Connect (to download, visit for using the encrypt connections and keep your confidential data secure while sharing or using online.

Handle your passwords of all the sites with care

You need to have separate and unique passwords for all the sites and for the devices. Or you can use McAfee True key which is a free version and gets compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices. It is a password manager that supports various methods to login like face and fingerprint, email, master password or by using a trusted device

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