What is Avast Data Shredder and How Does it Work?

Available in Avast Premier, Data Shredder is a special feature that permits you to erase your specific files or complete drives. Once removed or erased, you cannot restore that file or the drive. Generally, this feature was launched to prevent the misuse of the data.

That’s because when a user erases the content of a file or the drive, it is only the reference of the file or the drive that gets erased from the system. These can be recovered using the specialized tools and software. But, if you use Data Shredder, you can be sure that the deleted file/drive can never be recovered by anyone. It plays an important role for those who sell or donate their hard drives to others.


Here, in this article, we are going to provide you the steps with the help of which you can shred particular files and complete drive.

Steps to shred specific files

Please note that if the data is shredded, there is no way to recover it by any means:

  1. Open the Avast Premier interface and hit Shred selected files
  2. Choose the path of that file or select a file from the folder to add it to the list
  3. Now, hit Ok to confirm your selection
  4. Choose Yes, Continue to irreversibly erase the file
    1. Irreversibly means that this action cannot be reversed
  5. Hit Ok
  6. It’s done!

Please note that the speed of shredding may vary upon the size of your file. If you find any difficulty during this process, call the Avast support team for help!

Steps to shred complete drive

So, if you are selling your computer system then this feature can do wonders for the protection of your data.

  1. Open Avast Premier and click Shred Whole Drive
  2. Now, choose the drive you want to shred
  3. Click Yes, Continue to proceed
  4. Hit Ok
  5. This will irreversibly erase the drive!

Reach out to the Avast tech support team, if you find an error while doing this. Hope the information was useful!

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